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Reuse + Recycle

You can easily repurpose your EARLEY+DAUGHTERS candle vessel for use around the home. To remove the last of the remaining wax, pour boiling water into the vessel and leave to cool. The wax will rise to the top and you will be able to pop it out easily. If the wick holder remains stuck to the bottom, pour another drop of hot water in to loosen the glue.


Then just wash the vessel out with hot soapy water and it's ready to be reused!


EARLEY+DAUGHTERS candle vessels make great:


  • plant pots / propagators! Add water and use to root cuttings, or fill with soil for small plants and succulents. Their dinky size is also perfect for creating a mini herb garden on your kitchen window sill!


  • storage pots for beauty products. I use organic coconut oil, which comes in a large jar, as a natural make up remover and decant a smaller amount into an old EARLEY+DAUGHTERS vessel which I can then keep in the bathroom / take away with me when I travel.


  • stationery / beauty brush pots. Use on your desk to store pens or other office supplies, or on your dressing table for your beauty brushes.

You can also return your empty vessels to us for recycling - to say thank you we will give you 10% off your next EARLEY+DAUGHTERS purchase.

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