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I’m Katy - founder of EARLEY+DAUGHTERS - a one woman candle making operation based in Haslemere, Surrey, on the edge of the South Downs. 


Candle making started as a hobby for me. I’ve always loved how the flickering flame of a candle can immediately bring about a sense of calm, and how different scents can evoke even the most distant of happy memories.


It was my daughters that suggested I start selling my candles - so in March 2020, as the world went into lockdown, EARLEY+DAUGHTERS was born. We officially launched two years later, in March 2022.


Over the years I have studied, researched, tested and perfected my candle making techniques and am incredibly proud to bring you the products I have on sale today.


All EARLEY+DAUGHTERS candles are made by me, by hand, from start to finish. They are poured in incredibly small batches which enables me to ensure the quality is second to none - and every minute spent blending, pouring, labelling and packaging each one is an absolute joy.


THANK YOU! for supporting this small independent business. With each like, comment, share and purchase you are helping to make a dream a reality and I am incredibly grateful.

Katy Earley - Founder
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