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Filled with our Wild Fig fragrance, this candle is in an original 1970s Hornsea spice pot.


Hornsea Pottery produced Saffron from about 1970 to 1992. It was designed by John Clappison and its distinctive caramel, orange and brown colouring made it incredibly popular.

The pot is 6cm tall and 4.6cm in diameter and is in good condition, free from chips or cracks. It also comes with it's original wooden lid.


Please note the lid does not fit on the vessel with the candle in it. The lids are very deep and the candle would have to be tea light sized for it to fit on top! They are included though, to enable you to use the vessel for it's original purpose once you have used your candle. 


On the underside is the Hornsea mark and the candle is approx 60g, which is around 10hrs of burning time.

Hornsea Saffron Vintage Vessel

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